I began my career when I was only 18, working in luxury hotels and restaurants to earn my way out of home and experience the world. My passion since I was a young teen was design and travelling. Back then I wasn’t sure of what design was but I can recall of times creating small objects in clay and constructing my own tree house using my dad’s tools and timbers.
The years I have been working in the Hospitality industry have supported me to travel and help me learn a second language and I can’t deny I have been having fun and learning how to communicate with customers in a polite manner.
I have travelled to Australia in 2013 and after I fall in love in the city of Perth I decided to undertake the Industrial design course at the local college to learn more about the Design profession which I have always been fascinated with.
I have studied at Tafe for three years and I receive an advanced diploma of Industrial design. I attained skills in the design process and learned the steps for the manufacture of a product. I am very attentive to detail and when I begin a new project I always strive to create outstanding solutions.

Roberto Vessella